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January 21

12 Main Changes Made in the Scrum Latest Guide 2020

2020 Scrum Guide is the 6th and the latest version of Scrum Guide, which focuses on simplifying the framework to make it more useful and effective for teams.
Learn what has changed in Scrum Guide 2020.
After every few years, the Scrum creators Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber update the Scrum Guide to make some changes in it based on the feedback received from the people using it. The latest version of Scrum Guide was dropped at the end of 2020. The main goal of the 2020 Scrum guide is to make…
January 14

Story Points vs. Hours: What Makes Story Points Win

Teams are actively doing estimations in story points owing to the advantages it offers over hours-based estimates. Find out more in this comprehensive guide.
Learn how to make you estimations with story points.
Estimation is one of the important elements in the planning process of any agile project. When estimations are done rightly, it helps the product owners and the product team to prioritize things rightly, maximize their efficiency, and ensure quality deliveries. However, when it comes to how to do…
January 10

Agile Trends to Watch in 2022

As the world is evolving digitally, the world of Agile methodologies is also evolving. Let's discuss what are some of the main Agile trends to watch in 2022.
See what is coming in the agile world in 2022.
Agile is no longer just a buzzword. It has set solid roots in the IT industry today. Agile practices took their inception back in 2001 to shift software development from waterfall model to iterative development using XP, Scrum, and other methodologies. But today, Agile is evolving aggressively in…
November 19

8 Agile Estimation Mistakes that Every Team Should Avoid

Agile estimation is an effective way to determine the effort required to complete a story, but there are a few common mistakes teams often do during sprints.
Learn how to avoid common agile estimation mistakes.
1. Points-Based Productivity Measurement One of the common mistakes or misconceptions in the agile approach is that points are considered as a measure of a team's productivity or story's business value, which is totally wrong. Such misconceptions can lead to ineffective estimation or unexpected…
November 12

Team Cost Estimation: Can You Use Planning Poker to Estimate Costs?

Cost estimates are a key aspect of every agile project for deciding whether the project is feasible. Here’s how Planning Poker can help improve your estimates.
Planning Poker can help improve your cost estimates.
Estimation is challenging, as product managers, project managers, and software developers all agree. Indeed, many software developers consider it to be one of the most difficult aspects of their jobs. With this in mind, higher management and executive leadership frequently put a lot of pressure on…
November 5

How to Make More Accurate Estimates with Planning Poker

To run an effective Planning Poker session, you need to understand these ten best practices in order to produce high-quality estimates that remain accurate.
Make your estimates more accurate today!
Planning Poker is largely regarded as one of the most accurate methods of creating estimates for agile teams. So, it’s no surprise that Planning Poker is also one of the most popular estimation techniques. However, Planning Poker sessions can go awry if an agile team does not follow best practices…
October 29

How Long Does a Planning Poker Session Take to Complete?

To know if you’re running your planning poker sessions effectively, you need to know how long it should last. So, how long does a planning poker session last?
Learn how long a planning poker session should last to complete
Effort estimation is an important project activity since it facilitates achieving expected results by completing certain tasks on time. Product managers, project managers, and software developers all agree that estimation is difficult. Many software developers regard it as one of the most…
October 22

Why Estimate with Story Points?

Estimation with story points is becoming more popular among agile teams owing to fast, accurate, adaptable, and realistic estimates of the product backlog.
The Right Way to Estimate Issues for Remote Teams
Estimation is a hard but crucial activity that agile teams must go through in order to be efficient in planning, managing, and estimating the project. Estimation requires taking into account different factors to have accurate estimates. Scrum guide mentions that estimates should be done by the team…
October 19

A Beginners Guide to Running Your First Planning Poker Session

Running your first planning poker session can feel overwhelming, so we created a guide just for you to help you run your first session like a seasoned pro!
Run your first Planning Poker session as a pro!
The planning poker technique gets used by agile teams all over the world to estimate their product backlogs. Typically, story points evaluate the complexity of a story, and writers gather various expert opinions for the estimation. This article will walk you through the process of hosting your first…
October 16

Asynchronous Estimation in Jira – The Right Way to Estimate Issues for Remote Teams

With the growing trends towards remote working, asynchronous estimation sessions empower remote or distributed teams to conduct accurate estimates remotely.
The Right Way to Estimate Issues for Remote Teams
Estimation in agile is crucial during the different phases of the project, i.e., proposal level, release level, sprint level, etc. Practicing estimation makes a team have a shared understanding of the stories and let them collectively outline the estimates and direct their focus accordingly…
October 1

Is Planning Poker Right for Your Agile Development Team?

Planning Poker, also known as Estimation Poker, is a useful method for estimating relative quantities in complex empirical engineering or software development tasks.
Can Planning Poker be used for your agile development team?
Top managers frequently put a lot of pressure on product development teams to ensure that estimates are as accurate as possible. However, it is important to remember that an estimate is just that: an estimate, not a hard, concrete number. It is also difficult to figure out when and how to estimate…
September 24

Evolution of Planning Poker into Async Poker and Hybrid Poker

Planning Poker holds a never-ending bond with Agile teams, but its evolution into Async Poker and Hybrid Poker is just game-changing.
An Advanced Planning Poker Estimation Technique for Remote Team
If we go back in time when the developers and supporters of Agile, Extreme Programming, and Scrum were explaining all the details about their revolutionary framework, they failed to provide instructions about one important aspect, i.e., backlog estimation. Agile teams were aware of the need for…
September 15

The Gamification of Effort Estimation: How Can Planning Poker Benefit Your Agile Development Team?

Effort estimation is an important activity for any project because it aids in reaching the desired results by completing the work on time.
Planning Poker is a popular strategy for effort estimation.
Estimation, however, is tough, according to product managers, project managers, and software developers. Indeed, many software developers consider it to be one of the most difficult aspects of their jobs. The good news is that there are various estimation approaches to choose from in agile project…
September 9
September 3

Planning Poker 101: Make Your Estimates More Accurate and Simple

Providing accurate estimates is one of the largest challenges for agile development teams, but planning poker aims to ease this burden with an effective method.
Planning Poker is here to make the most tedious part of agile development easier!
One of the most difficult obstacles that agile development teams encounter is an effective estimation. Scrum masters must identify, estimate, and allocate work throughout a team regardless of its size. Moreover, each project is unique and likely requires a different estimation. Nevertheless…
August 29

5 Key Benefits of Asynchronous Planning Poker

Improve your efficienty and enhances the productivity of team members with asynchronous planning poker.
Asynchronous Planning Poker is here to make planning poker more efficient and productive!
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the remote working environment has triggered across the world. For employees, doing day-to-day operations from their homes became a new normal. Since the COVID-19 pandemic isn't over yet, it has let many businesses set up solid roots of remote working that they might…
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