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May 5

Best Practices for Estimating Product Backlog Efficiently

Product backlog estimation helps the team to estimate the efforts required to complete the next set of items and prioritize the backlog rightly. To help you estimate product backlog efficiently, here are a few best practices.
Estimate your product backlog efficiently
Estimation is one of the most talked about topics in agile-based software development. Although there is already a lot of content available on estimation, many are still confused about how to do estimates efficiently. The product backlog contains the most valuable information about the project that…
May 3

8 Tips to Improve Your Product Backlog Estimation Posture in 2023

Accurate product backlog estimates result in a more focused development process, a prepared mindset, and timely and quality deliveries. So, this article discusses a few key tips to improve your product backlog estimation posture in 2023.
Improve your backlog estimation posture in 2023
Over the past few years, the demand for software firms has skyrocketed. So, to address emerging customers' demands and ensure faster time to market, software firms are actively using the Scrum framework for project management. There are many aspects of the Scrum framework that organizations have to…
April 28

How to Scale Scrum?

As Scrum is becoming widely used by small and large-scale organizations, the need to scale Scrum is also emerging. Find out how to scale Scrum in this comprehensive guide.
Learn about scaling Scrum
Scrum is a widely used agile methodology that teams are using to develop, deploy, deliver, and maintain complex products. Scrum framework was initially meant to provide a simple environment that a team of 8-9 members can use to work on one product backlog and deliver a small-scale project. However…
April 14

Sprint Review vs. Sprint Retrospective – Key Differences Explained Easy

Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective are both essential stages in Sprint, but they both have different goals and outcomes. Keep reading this article to learn more about the key differences.
Learn about key differences between Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective
In Scrum, Sprint is a timeboxed event where the team works on one part of the product, whether it is a bug fix, feature enhancement, new feature, or anything else. Sprint is an essential activity in Scrum that helps the team to have a more dedicated focus while stakeholders have a clear glimpse of…
March 31

Best Practices for Effective Sprint Retrospective

Sprint Retrospective is a time-boxed meeting conducted at the end of the sprint to improve the process and make the next sprints more productive. Find out more on best practices for effective Sprint Retrospective meetings in this article.
Learn how to make your sprint retrospective effective.
Sprint Retrospective meetings are crucial when developing projects based on the Scrum framework . A Sprint Retrospective meeting is conducted at the end of the sprint to discuss what went well and what areas are to improve. It provides an excellent opportunity for Scrum teams to improve their…
March 7

How to Execute Planning Poker Rightly with the Correct Order of Steps?

When Planning Poker is conducted rightly, it delivers better estimates, removes cognitive biases, and catches unexpected challenges and scenarios that might show up. Therefore, keep reading this article to learn the right steps to execute Planning Poker.
Learn how to estimate with palnning poker correctly.
Agile estimation is the process that helps teams to evaluate the required effort to complete the product backlog items. Software firms using Agile methodology in project development actively estimate their product backlogs to have a clear glimpse of the required efforts before beginning the…
March 3

Best Practices for Productive Sprint Review Meeting

The goal of the sprint review meeting is to demonstrate the accomplished work in the current sprint, get feedback, and set directions for the next sprints. Here are the best practices to adopt to turn a review meeting into a productive session.
Learn how to secure your remote workplace.
There are four basic Agile meetings conducted in the Scrum framework, i.e., sprint planning , daily stand-up sessions, sprint review , and sprint retrospective . "Sprint" is the essential element of Scrum-based project management. When sprints are done rightly, it results in timely and quality…
March 2

Top Security Tips for Programmers Working Remotely

Working from home can pose its own set of challenges when it comes to securing development data. To help you stay secure, here are some tips every programmer should use when working remotely.
Learn how to secure your remote workplace.
As a programmer, adapting to working remotely can pose its own set of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Working from home exposes you and your company's data to security risks that may not have been present in an office environment, highlighting the necessity of taking the appropriate…
February 17

3 Roles to be Present in Scrum Estimation of Product Backlog

Estimation of product backlog items helps teams have a better view of the required efforts, pinpoint challenges, re-prioritize the product backlog, and have a more committed team. Therefore, it is crucial that the right set of people are involved in the estimation process.
Learn which roles are present in Scrum Estimation.
Scrum, one of the well-acknowledged project management methodologies, is the most widely used Agile methodology. As per the survey of, 66% of Agile adopters are using Scrum actively. Scrum has many unique elements to focus on, but today we will emphasize specifically the estimation of…
February 15

How to Conduct Backlog Refinement (Grooming) Meetings Effectively

A backlog refinement (grooming) meeting is an effective way of keeping the product backlog up-to-date and making the sprints more productive. Find out more on the top tips to conduct effective backlog refinement meetings.
Learn how to Conduct Effectively Backlog Grooming
In Scrum, the product backlog is the important to-do list that drives focused teams, timely deliveries, and quality products. A product backlog is designed by the Product Owner at the beginning of the project, which helps the Scrum team estimate the required efforts and plan sprints accordingly. As…
February 9

How Product Owner and Scrum Master Can Contribute to Effective Product Backlog Management

The product backlog is of mutual interest to the Product Owner and Scrum Master, as it is the key to quality product deliveries. Here are a few tips that can help the Product Owner and Scrum Master contribute to effective product backlog management.
Learn how to Contribute to Effective Product Backlog Management
In Scrum software development, the Product Owner and Scrum Master are the two main roles for effective software development. They both work with the goal of developing the best quality product by following the Scrum principles. Although they both have different roles to play in the project, yet…
February 6

7 Signs your Product Backlog is a Mess & How to Fix It

The product backlog is key to having more productive sprint sessions. However, a product backlog can easily turn into a messy backlog by simple mistakes. Here's a look at 7 signs to identify if your product backlog is a mess.
Learn how to fix your messy product backlog
Many organizations are starting their Scrum journey to have iterative-based project development, which is much needed in today's competitive era. This means that they will face a lot of troubles before they get experienced with the Scrum methodology. One such trouble they will face is a messy…
January 22

Async Poker vs. Planning Poker – Which Fits Ideal for Scrum Teams

Async Poker and Planning Poker are both widely used estimation techniques that provide consensus-based accurate estimates. Find out more about both these techniques and their differences in this article.
Learn which planning poker version is better for your Scrum team
The decades-old traditional project management methodologies are becoming less common now as the trend is shifting toward more iterative and feedback-based project management . Scrum is one such methodology that many organizations, especially software firms, are using nowadays. There are many…
January 6

Why Is Scrum So Popular?

Scrum is undoubtedly the most popular Agile project management methodology owing to its simplicity and promising results. Find out more about it in this article.
Learn why Scrum is so popular
It is well known that Scrum stands as the most loved Agile methodology. So, how did a well-known rugby term become one of the most popular software development philosophies of all time? The word "scrum" comes from the action that rugby players do when they huddle and try to get the ball from the…
January 4

What Can Go Wrong Without Estimating in Agile Planning?

Teams that estimate in Agile-based project development find it helpful to have a shared understanding of the required efforts. However, some teams also don't think estimation is that important. So, let's discuss the key role estimation plays in Agile planning.
Learn what can go wrong without estimation
With the new digitalized and competitive era, organizations have to come up with new ways of managing and executing projects to meet customer expectations and remain ahead of the competition. Owing to that, many organizations are shifting towards Agile-based project development that focuses on…
December 1

What Can a Team Miss Without Estimating the Product Backlog Items?

Estimation of product backlog items helps the team to plan and manage the prioritized list of work more accurately. However, can a team complete the obligations of the project without estimating the product backlog items? Let's find out in this article.
Learn what can be missed without estimation
In Scrum, estimation helps in the proper planning, management, and estimation of the efforts required to implement, test, and deliver the project. Estimation of product backlog items is carried out by the team members going to work on the project to have a shared understanding of the project…
October 28

How Effective is Remote Product Backlog Estimation in Scrum?

Remote product backlog estimation is a rescue for distributed and remote teams that cannot conduct on-premises estimation sessions. In fact, it can also address challenges with on-premises estimation. Find out more in this article.
Let's explore how effective remote product backlog estimation in scrum can be
The product backlog is a list of prioritized tasks that the Scrum team is meant to work on in the next few weeks/months. Most Scrum teams estimate the product backlog to have a better view of the required efforts, the targeted goals, and customer expectations. The common practice of doing product…
October 23

How to Estimate Story Points in the Simplest and Easiest Way

Story points estimation is widely used among Scrum teams to estimate the product backlog items ahead of sprint planning to have a better view of the required efforts. Keep reading this article to learn how to estimate story points in the easiest way.
Let's explore how to estimate  story points in the easiest way
In project management, planning before execution is key to timely delivery. Every project has some uncertainties and hurdles that the team does not realize until it either discusses them beforehand or faces them during project development. Therefore, it is highly recommended to properly scope and…
October 18

Why it is Essential to Estimate Product Backlog?

Product backlog estimation helps a team have a better understanding of project needs, align priorities, discuss challenges, and have effective team discussions.
Let's learn why it is essential to estimate product backlog
It is hard to find a Scrum team that can deny the importance of product backlog for effective and timely delivery of a project. The product backlog includes all the features, but it is more than just being a to-do list. A clear product backlog with the right estimation is one of the best time…
September 21

Affinity Estimation vs. Planning Poker – Let's Explore

Affinity Estimation and Planning Poker are both effective techniques to estimate user stories. Follow this article to learn the working principles, use cases, and other comparison elements of both these techniques.
Let us compare Affinity Estimation vs. Planning Poker
Organizations across the globe are today using Agile methods and techniques in their project development cycles. Agile helps organizations set a customer-oriented, feedback-driven, and iterative development model that leads to faster release and better-quality products. Agile-based development…
September 2

Relative Estimation vs. Absolute Estimation – Which One is Right for Scrum Teams

Relative estimation delivers comparison-based estimates, while absolute estimation delivers fixed estimates. So, what suits well for Scrum teams? Let's find out in this article.
Let us compare Relative Estimation vs Absolute Estimation
Estimation is an integral part of any project work. The end goal of estimation is to know the efforts required to complete a certain set of work. When done rightly, estimation helps in determining the timeframe, feasibility, and similar other insights. Moreover, estimation also encourages discussion…
August 5

Everything You Need to Know about Dot Voting Estimation Technique

Dot Voting estimation technique is an easy and quick way of prioritizing items using dots without going into deep discussions. Find out all the details about Dot Voting in this article.
Lear about Dot Voting Estimation Technique
Estimation is the core part of the Scrum framework that helps teams to prioritize tasks and estimate the required efforts. Scrum teams mostly do estimates at two stages. The first stage is estimating the product backlog, while the second stage is during sprint planning. There are different…
August 1

5 Alternatives of Planning Poker Estimation Technique

Estimation is an essential activity for agile teams to have a mutual understanding of the product backlog and become more committed to the work. Keep reading to learn about the 5 alternatives of Planning Poker estimation technique.
Learn which alternative to planning poker you can use.
Planning Poker is one of the most widely used estimation techniques in agile projects. Its consensus-based estimation, driven by a fun and easy gamified approach helps teams accurately estimate their product backlogs. Although agile teams around the world are using Planning Poker, still there are…
July 22

The Bucket System Estimation Technique – A Detailed Guide

The Bucket System estimation technique is a simple, fast, and effective estimation technique for large product backlog items. Find out more in-depth details about this technique in this article.
Learn more about the Bucket System Estimation Technique
Agile methodology is seeing unprecedented popularity among organizations no matter what industry they belong to. Agile eradicates the traditional way of product development and implements a more iterative-based development approach. One stage in agile-based development is "estimation", which plays…
July 18

Affinity Estimation - What, How, and Why

Affinity Estimation is a relative estimation technique that empowers agile teams to quickly, easily, and efficiently estimate a large number of backlog items. Find out more on Affinity Estimation in this article.
Learn how to estimate with affinity technic
Estimation of product backlog items is an important stage in agile-based development. Estimation helps the team and key stakeholders to get a better view of the upcoming work and the required efforts. There are multiple techniques available today to estimate product backlog items. Organizations…
July 8

8 Tips New Scrum Teams Must Know Before Proceeding

Teams that are new to Scrum must take the proper time to grab the basics of the Scrum framework and adhere to its core principles to set a solid foundation and then gradually master it. Find out more tips for new Scrum teams in this article.
8 Tips for New Scrum Teams
Scrum – The Most Popular Agile Methodology Scrum is an Agile development methodology that relies on teamwork to carry out iterative-based incremental development processes. The project is broken down into small prioritized development cycles (called sprints) that are completed on an incremental…
June 24

Why Should You Use Async Poker to Estimate a Product Backlog?

Async Poker or Asynchronous Planning Poker is the powerful evolution of the Planning Poker estimation technique that makes estimation straightforward for remote, distributed, and co-located agile teams.
Learn how async poker solves common challenges of classical planning poker
In the present globalized corporate system, there are many agile teams that don't share office space, even not the time zone. In fact, some teams are so far from each other that they just get just one hour as the shared office time. That one hour is mostly utilized for stand-ups and other updates…
June 17

10 Planning Poker Tips & Tricks

Planning Poker is a simple and fun way to estimate user stories. Scrum teams can elevate their Planning Poker sessions by following some key tips and tricks.
Learn how to improve planning poker with some tips and tricks
One of the great aspects of agile software development is its emphasis on effort estimation. A product backlog is difficult to prioritize if the team is unaware of the efforts required to complete user stories. Planning Poker is one of the most widely used estimation techniques due to its simple…
June 10

Scrum Master vs. Project Manager – Let's Discuss

A Scrum Master is more focused on coaching Scrum Team to implement Scrum principles, while Project Manager plays a leadership role for timely project completion.
Learn the difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager
Both Scrum Master and Project Manager role seems to be the same, i.e., to manage the team, but they are not synonyms of each other. They both are distinct and have plenty of differences. On a bigger picture, consider the Project Manager as a leader who plans the execution of the project. On the…
June 3

What is the Expected Output of a Planning Poker Meeting?

Planning Poker is a consensus-based estimation technique that requires the contribution of the key team members to make the meeting result in fruitful outputs.
Learn what is the expexted output of planning poker meeting
Planning Poker is a popular estimation technique used by thousands of Scrum teams to estimate their product backlogs efficiently. Its simple consensus-based estimation approach has attracted many Scrum teams to regularly conduct Planning Poker estimation sessions for their product backlog items…
May 27

What Makes Planning Poker the Best Estimation Technique?

Planning Poker is an easy and engaging estimation technique that has become a core part of most Scrum teams that regularly use it to do estimates in a fun way.
Learn why Planning Poker is the Number One Estimation Technique
Whether it is a small or large project, there are three common things to know about any project, i.e., the requirements of the tasks, the size of the tasks, and the prioritized tasks. Over the past two decades, software project management and development has experienced a major change with the…
May 20

Why Product Backlog & Sprint Backlog Should be Estimated as Two Different Units

Product backlog and sprint backlog are two backlogs with different purposes. Estimating them is vital to have a better team understanding of the lined-up work.
Learn how you should estimate Product & Sprint Backlogs
The software industry is in full swing in the present era. Ever-growing customer demands are urging software firms to adopt smart and fast development approaches for fast releases. Owing to that, most software firms are using Agile for fast and responsive work. Agile teams orient themselves around…
May 13

9 Common Mistakes with Planning Poker & Their Remedies

Planning Poker is an estimation technique that is easy to learn but difficult to master. By avoiding mistakes linked with it, you can have accurate estimates.
Learn how to avoid common mistakes with Planning Poker
Planning Poker is one of the widely used estimation techniques by Scrum teams to estimate the efforts required to complete product backlog items. If done rightly, it can deliver outstanding results and accurate estimates of the work. However, if done wrongly, it can lead to inaccurate estimates…
May 4

8 Tips to Improve Cross-Functionality Within Your Scrum Team

Scrum-based development relies on a cross-functional Scrum team, as it ensures that the team, as a whole, is capable to deliver the project as per expectations.
Learn how to improve Cross-Functionality within your Scrum Team
Scrum methodology relies on three basic pillars to ensure successful outcomes for any given project you may have. These are transparency, inspection, and adaptation. The dynamic and flexible nature of Scrum means you can adopt an incremental approach to optimization and management, allowing your…
April 29

8 Reasons To Use Scrum Over Waterfall

With the growing competitive software industry, scrum is getting more attention from organizations. Let's discuss some key reasons why to use scrum over waterfall.
Learn why Scrum is better than Waterfall
Scrum and waterfall are both well-known project management methodologies, but both are a lot different from each other. Waterfall has dominated the project management world for decades until the agile manifesto started to gather attention. Today, organizations are actively shifting to scrum-based…
April 27

7 Common Sprint Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sprint Planning is a crucial part of Scrum-based product development. So, it is important to know what are the common mistakes around it and their remedies.
Learn how to avoid planning mistakes
Sprint Planning is one of the crucial events in the Agile world that is meant to set the team's direction for the upcoming Sprint. However, it is also one of the most underappreciated Scrum events owing to the problems and errors it can lead to. As per the Scrum guide , the team should cover the…
April 15

How Does Planning Poker Encourage Team Collaboration?

Every Agile team heavily relies on effective collaboration. So, can you work on your team’s collaboration while also creating estimates with Planning Poker?
Learn how Planning Poker Encourage Team Collaboration
The development of Planning Poker, as it is known today, started in 2002. The creation of Planning Poker simplified the Wideband Delphi process from the 1970s to help overcome the complexities that often surface when a team seeks to estimate future work or level of effort. Even though it is not a…
April 12

How to Make Remote Scrum Master Role Work?

Remote Scrum Master has a crucial role to play in order to ensure that the remote Scrum team works at its highest level, while the projects are delivered timely.
Learn about Remote Scrum Master Role
Remote scrum teams have been on the rise these last few years. As various corporations have been adjusting to the ongoing global pandemic, the scrum methodology has also seen some changes. This is in keeping with the Agile framework in general since the structure is made to be flexible and…
April 8

What is T-Shirt Sizing Agile Estimation Technique, its Pros and Cons, and Best Alternative?

T-shirt sizing is a relative estimation technique where t-shirt sizes, such as XS, S, M, L, and XL, are used to estimate product backlog items in a seamless way.
Learn what Pros and Cons of T-Shirt Sizing is
Most agile teams do estimates, as it helps teams to understand, discuss, and plan what they are going to work on next. Estimation also helps in breaking a complex project into smaller parts and fitting them effectively in the next sprint. Moreover, a record of estimates also helps to measure the…
April 1

Why Does Planning Poker Use Story Points Instead of Time Values?

Oftentimes, people get confused between story points and time values when estimating with Planning Poker. Well, we’re here to clear up the confusion.
That's why Planning Poker Use Story Points Instead of Time Values
Without a doubt, estimation is a difficult undertaking. It is one of the most challenging — if not the most difficult — facets of the job for software developers. It must consider various elements to assist product owners in making decisions that influence the entire team and the company. Product…
March 29

How to Manage a Remote Scrum Team

Remote Scrum teams are a growing concept and gaining more and more popularity thanks to the pandemic and tons of other benefits associated with remote culture.
Learn how to manage remote Scrum team
The world of business has changed rapidly over the last couple of years, especially with the pandemic that is forcing corporations to adopt varying work structures. The global workforce has seen a large-scale shift, with most people being forced to work from their homes. As corporations strive to…
March 25

Estimates from the Viewpoint of Scrum

Estimates help to align priorities, set mutual understanding, and identify dependencies, but there are no rules or standard practices mentioned in Scrum Guide.
Learn how to do estimates in Scrum.
Estimates are a great resource for teams and organizations to guess what they can achieve, what are the effort requirements, and when they can achieve. When estimates are done rightly, teams get a proper direction path driven by prioritized tasks. In short, estimates are a valuable practice in the…
March 15

Main Differences Between Agile & Scrum

Agile is a project management approach, while Scrum stands as one of the popular types of Agile methodology. Find out more on Agile vs. Scrum in this article.
Learn what the difference between Agile and Scrum is.
Agile is a project management approach that focuses on small iteration-based developments to complete a project. Projects that have some level of uncertainty or might require changes use the Agile incremental development approach. On the other hand, Scrum is one of the types of Agile methodology…
February 22

Dos & Don'ts of a Scrum Master

Scrum Master is a key to having streamlined project development and timely deliveries. Here's a quick look at some crucial dos & don'ts of a Scrum Master.
Learn what you can and cannot do as a scrum master
Scrum is an easy-to-use framework that any corporation can adapt and grow through. As Agile methodology is becoming more popular, more and more organizations have started to implement Scrum . Some organizations that have used traditional approaches in the past might face a few obstacles when trying…
February 18

Common Challenges Faced by Scrum Teams

Scrum is a simple and lightweight Agile methodology but does come with real-life challenges that most of the Scrum teams have to deal with at different stages.
Learn about common challenges faced by scrum teams
Scrum seems simple to set up and a lightweight Agile methodology that organizations can easily get started with, but it's not that straightforward to master. Scrum does promise enhancements in the overall team's speed, problem-solving skills, quality products, and timely deliveries. However, there…
February 11

Why the Whole Team should Participate in Planning Poker Estimation Session

Is whole team participation (including irrelevant skilled members) fruitful during Planning Poker estimation? It's a big "YES" and this article proves why.
Learn why the Whole Team should Participate in Planning Poker Estimation Session
There is a common perception that those team members who will be part of the project should be the ones involved in its estimation , rather than doing estimation with a whole or different non-contributing group. But the situation is a bit complex in the case of agile teams when they conduct product…
February 4

Are Group Estimates More Accurate Than Individual Estimates?

When it comes to estimating Agile projects, even small increases in accuracy make a big difference. So, are group estimates more accurate than individual ones?
Learn how to increase the accuracy of estimates.
The estimation process is a common bottleneck in which project managers, product managers, and software developers must predict the degree of effort required to complete a development assignment. Estimation is a two-edged sword: it is extremely useful for breaking down long-term projects into…
February 2
January 28

Why Agile Teams should do Software Estimates?

Software estimation plays a crucial role to let the teams have a better understanding of the stories, the required efforts, priorities, and expected outcomes.
Importance of Software Estimation in the Present Era
As the world is shifting from the traditional waterfall approach to the agile-based development approach, there is a movement going on "#NoEstimate", which reflects that there is no need to have software estimation sessions now. There is a perception that agile development makes projects proceed in…
January 21

12 Main Changes Made in the Scrum Latest Guide 2020

2020 Scrum Guide is the 6th and the latest version of Scrum Guide, which focuses on simplifying the framework to make it more useful and effective for teams.
Learn what has changed in Scrum Guide 2020.
After every few years, the Scrum creators Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber update the Scrum Guide to make some changes in it based on the feedback received from the people using it. The latest version of Scrum Guide was dropped at the end of 2020. The main goal of the 2020 Scrum guide is to make…
January 14

Story Points vs. Hours: What Makes Story Points Win

Teams are actively doing estimations in story points owing to the advantages it offers over hours-based estimates. Find out more in this comprehensive guide.
Learn how to make you estimations with story points.
Estimation is one of the important elements in the planning process of any agile project. When estimations are done rightly, it helps the product owners and the product team to prioritize things rightly, maximize their efficiency, and ensure quality deliveries. However, when it comes to how to do…
January 10

Agile Trends to Watch in 2022

As the world is evolving digitally, the world of Agile methodologies is also evolving. Let's discuss what are some of the main Agile trends to watch in 2022.
See what is coming in the agile world in 2022.
Agile is no longer just a buzzword. It has set solid roots in the IT industry today. Agile practices took their inception back in 2001 to shift software development from waterfall model to iterative development using XP, Scrum, and other methodologies. But today, Agile is evolving aggressively in…
November 19

8 Agile Estimation Mistakes that Every Team Should Avoid

Agile estimation is an effective way to determine the effort required to complete a story, but there are a few common mistakes teams often do during sprints.
Learn how to avoid common agile estimation mistakes.
1. Points-Based Productivity Measurement One of the common mistakes or misconceptions in the agile approach is that points are considered as a measure of a team's productivity or story's business value, which is totally wrong. Such misconceptions can lead to ineffective estimation or unexpected…
November 12

Team Cost Estimation: Can You Use Planning Poker to Estimate Costs?

Cost estimates are a key aspect of every agile project for deciding whether the project is feasible. Here’s how Planning Poker can help improve your estimates.
Planning Poker can help improve your cost estimates.
Estimation is challenging, as product managers, project managers, and software developers all agree. Indeed, many software developers consider it to be one of the most difficult aspects of their jobs. With this in mind, higher management and executive leadership frequently put a lot of pressure on…
November 5

How to Make More Accurate Estimates with Planning Poker

To run an effective Planning Poker session, you need to understand these ten best practices in order to produce high-quality estimates that remain accurate.
Make your estimates more accurate today!
Planning Poker is largely regarded as one of the most accurate methods of creating estimates for agile teams. So, it’s no surprise that Planning Poker is also one of the most popular estimation techniques. However, Planning Poker sessions can go awry if an agile team does not follow best practices…
October 29

How Long Does a Planning Poker Session Take to Complete?

To know if you’re running your planning poker sessions effectively, you need to know how long it should last. So, how long does a planning poker session last?
Learn how long a planning poker session should last to complete
Effort estimation is an important project activity since it facilitates achieving expected results by completing certain tasks on time. Product managers, project managers, and software developers all agree that estimation is difficult. Many software developers regard it as one of the most…
October 22

Why Estimate with Story Points?

Estimation with story points is becoming more popular among agile teams owing to fast, accurate, adaptable, and realistic estimates of the product backlog.
The Right Way to Estimate Issues for Remote Teams
Estimation is a hard but crucial activity that agile teams must go through in order to be efficient in planning, managing, and estimating the project. Estimation requires taking into account different factors to have accurate estimates. Scrum guide mentions that estimates should be done by the team…
October 19

A Beginners Guide to Running Your First Planning Poker Session

Running your first planning poker session can feel overwhelming, so we created a guide just for you to help you run your first session like a seasoned pro!
Run your first Planning Poker session as a pro!
The planning poker technique gets used by agile teams all over the world to estimate their product backlogs. Typically, story points evaluate the complexity of a story, and writers gather various expert opinions for the estimation. This article will walk you through the process of hosting your first…
October 16

Asynchronous Estimation in Jira – The Right Way to Estimate Issues for Remote Teams

With the growing trends towards remote working, asynchronous estimation sessions empower remote or distributed teams to conduct accurate estimates remotely.
The Right Way to Estimate Issues for Remote Teams
Estimation in agile is crucial during the different phases of the project, i.e., proposal level, release level, sprint level, etc. Practicing estimation makes a team have a shared understanding of the stories and let them collectively outline the estimates and direct their focus accordingly…
October 1

Is Planning Poker Right for Your Agile Development Team?

Planning Poker, also known as Estimation Poker, is a useful method for estimating relative quantities in complex empirical engineering or software development tasks.
Can Planning Poker be used for your agile development team?
Top managers frequently put a lot of pressure on product development teams to ensure that estimates are as accurate as possible. However, it is important to remember that an estimate is just that: an estimate, not a hard, concrete number. It is also difficult to figure out when and how to estimate…
September 24

Evolution of Planning Poker into Async Poker and Hybrid Poker

Planning Poker holds a never-ending bond with Agile teams, but its evolution into Async Poker and Hybrid Poker is just game-changing.
An Advanced Planning Poker Estimation Technique for Remote Team
If we go back in time when the developers and supporters of Agile, Extreme Programming, and Scrum were explaining all the details about their revolutionary framework, they failed to provide instructions about one important aspect, i.e., backlog estimation. Agile teams were aware of the need for…
September 15

The Gamification of Effort Estimation: How Can Planning Poker Benefit Your Agile Development Team?

Effort estimation is an important activity for any project because it aids in reaching the desired results by completing the work on time.
Planning Poker is a popular strategy for effort estimation.
Estimation, however, is tough, according to product managers, project managers, and software developers. Indeed, many software developers consider it to be one of the most difficult aspects of their jobs. The good news is that there are various estimation approaches to choose from in agile project…
September 9
September 3

Planning Poker 101: Make Your Estimates More Accurate and Simple

Providing accurate estimates is one of the largest challenges for agile development teams, but planning poker aims to ease this burden with an effective method.
Planning Poker is here to make the most tedious part of agile development easier!
One of the most difficult obstacles that agile development teams encounter is an effective estimation. Scrum masters must identify, estimate, and allocate work throughout a team regardless of its size. Moreover, each project is unique and likely requires a different estimation. Nevertheless…
August 29

5 Key Benefits of Asynchronous Planning Poker

Improve your efficienty and enhances the productivity of team members with asynchronous planning poker.
Asynchronous Planning Poker is here to make planning poker more efficient and productive!
With the COVID-19 pandemic, the remote working environment has triggered across the world. For employees, doing day-to-day operations from their homes became a new normal. Since the COVID-19 pandemic isn't over yet, it has let many businesses set up solid roots of remote working that they might…
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